A Luxury Boudoir Experience For EVERY Woman

(that’s you, you sexy, sassy thing!)

Always be a first-rate
version of yourself instead
of a second-rate version
of somebody else.

Judy Garland

The Vixen Den in Mindseye Studio is the unique collaboration of us, Scott and Lynn (sweethearts and business partners), where we use the art of boudoir photography as a way to remind people (mostly women) of how important they are not only to their loved ones but to themselves and the others they are in contact with (remember, we all have something to share, a unique gift or insight that appears just at the right moment). Of course, we do this because we love creating beautiful visual images. But it’s something less tangible that keeps us motivated. We get to meet so many people (mostly women) and, for us, it is such a joy to see a woman who comes to us with self-doubt or lack of confidence begin to see herself as her loved ones see her; to see her become confident in herself right where she is. Her true beauty and (dare we say) sexiness isn’t about how she looks; it’s about her CONFIDENCE! We help people (mostly women) leave their baggage behind and move forward with a lighter step and a renewed sense of self; a remembrance of the woman she was before she became someone’s wife, someone’s mom, someone’s care-taker.

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photographer, image retoucher, visionary

Scott has been a full time photographer for over 20 years. He really enjoys the creative process whether it’s photography or DIY projects or just brainstorming cool ideas.  He is an avid guitar player and in his former life he designed and engineered speakers and subwoofers (he even won an award at the CES show…yep, he’s that good).


photographer, assistant, BTS master

Lynn has been working full time in the creative industry since 2009 . Prior to that, she owned a mortgage company. She enjoys helping clients with style selections for their photo shoots but mostly she likes helping people get excited about being alive.


dynamic duo, creative buddies

Althought Scott and Lynn are each amazing and capable by themselves, together they are a force to be reckoned with. By having both the male and female perspective during your session, they bring an entirely new dimension to the creative process giving YOU the best of both worlds when choosing the type of session you want to create the artwork you will love and cherish.

Go ahead...ask us anything.

5 + 10 =

Number of people photographed (not all for boudoir but it's still a lot)

Times Scott said "just one more" (if you've shot with us, you've heard it)

Times we've been asked if we need an assistant during photo shoots

Number of images on the hard drive...and counting (not including the backups)

Give a girl the right pair of shoes

and she’ll conquer the world.

Marilyn Monroe

The Vixen Den

The Premier Boudoir Studio on the Central Coast

The Shooting Spaces

The Vixen Den inside Mindseye Studio is a private professional photography studio recently returned to its southern Oregon origins. From the bridal feel of all white bedding to the dark textured feel of a dungeon, we have it or we create it. For something exceptionally sumptuous, we love shooting in high-end hotels. We’ve been known to shoot in quirky Air BnB’s, grungy abandoned buildings, or even secluded outdoor locations for the woman who wants a truly custom and one-of-a-kind experience with the art to show for it.

We Get It

Any kind of photography can be daunting when you are in front of the lens.  With both the male and female perspective during the photo shoot we help women transform into that confident, sexy vixen that has been hiding within. Whether it’s nice or naughty, sweet or sexy, classy or dramatic. or any shade of gray (who are we to judge), we make it happen!  Any day is a great day to get your ‘sexy’ back. A day in The Vixen Den is doing something that is singularly for yourself yet so many others in your life will reap the benefits of your newly empowered, enthusiastic self. We are so passionate about the positive outcomes that women experience during and after their photo shoots that we say it’s more than ‘an experience’, it’s boudoir therapy.

Customized Sessions

Doing a boudoir session for yourself or with your partner is a luxurious experience that elevates how you feel about yourself.  From our straight-forward Petite session to our completely customized Curated session, your time in The Vixen Den will be ALL about you – your style and your desires. We will get to know exactly what you want your images to be. You pre-select your product package  so we can best utilize the session time. The artwork that comes out of the session will be cherished for a lifetime and beyond. Our sessions are designed to showcase what YOU want to express whether it’s the authentic you or the version of yourself that exists only in your imagination.   No matter what your style, or what session you choose, you will be a’princess’ when you are with us.


We love creating artwork – the visual

and tangible proofs of your amazing existence…the uniqueness that there is only one YOU.

We work hard to make this an experience that you will never forget.

~Lynn & Scott

Beauty is how you feel inside,

and it reflects in your eyes.

It is not something physical.

Sophia Loren


We photograph real women – all ages, all shapes, all sizes.  Some prefer light natural makeup, some prefer dark and smokey. Some prefer to be themselves and some prefer to explore their fantasies. We work together to create the perfect session so we can help them feel amazing…and they always do.

Scroll through and see for yourself.



About Our Sessions
We have created three photo shoot sessions in an effort to create something wonderful for everyone that we have the opportunity to photograph.

  • For people on a budget or on the go
  • For people who want a great experience as well as a variety of beautiful images
  • For those who want the ultimate photographic experience and have a true sense of legacy and what their images will mean for generations to come.

The Session fee covers the photo shoot – products are purchased separately.

PETITE | $299

This one-hour photo shoot is for the gal who knows exactly what she wants and can show up with hair and makeup done and ready to shoot. It includes:

  • 15-20 proofs

  • same day ordering (optional)

  • 1-2 basic shooting setups

  • posing guidance

Best for

smaller budgets | a-la-carte products/smallest product collections | getting that one shot | gals who are already comfortable in front of the camera

COUTURE | $499

This two-hour photo shoot is for the gal who wants more variety in her images and wants the added luxury of in-studio hair and makeup. It includes:

  • 20-30 proofs

  • premier ordering session

  • 2-3 shooting setups

  • extended wardrobe guidance

  • posing guidance

  • wine & chocolates

Best for

more image variety | larger product collections | gals who need a little extra coaxing coaching

CURATED | $699 and up

This all-day experience is completely custom and curated for the woman with discerning tastes who wants the ‘experience’ and appreciates the patience and expertise it takes to create custom artwork. Professional hair and makeup included. Also included:

  • 30-60 proofs

  • premier ordering session

  • 3-5 shooting setups

  • complex lighting setups

  • extended wardrobe guidance

  • posing guidance

  • wine & chocolates | light snacks

Best for

even more image variety | stylized imagery | large format products | celebrating milestones


This completely custom and curated session is often more than a day and is usually on location. Each session is completely bespoke for the individual or couple who takes an approach to life that is admired and envied. Where does your fantasy or wanderlust take us? Let’s talk about what it will take to create your vision anywhere in the world (almost anywhere).

Best for

ultimate image variety | shooting in exotic locations | stylized imagery | large format products | celebrating milestones

Aging is not ‘lost youth,

but a new stage of opportunity

and strength.

Betty Friedan


Images like this were considered risque at the time they were taken. Now we look at them and words like audaciousbold and daring come to mind. In a hundred years your decendants will be thrilled to have images of you – even boudoir images. Isn’t it time to start celebrating the beauty of being a woman – right out in the open?

YOU…as art.

Having artwork of yourself hanging in your home is just like having your own personal art gallery…only this one features YOU. There was a time that people truly cherished art – of themselves or of the people they loved. We are determined to bring to vogue the idea that not only is it acceptable to honor and admire yourself in this manner but to do so promises to be one of the best gifts you can leave to your children and grandchildren. If you’ve ever visited an historic home you’ve seen the many portraits that adorn the walls – portraits that have brought joy to generations of family and art lovers. Photography is the new portrait medium and when we take your photograph, in our minds, we are creating your legacy artwork that will get passed down to your future generations. 

Not. Even. Kidding.

Seriously, your kids may think it’s weird to see you this way but, believe me, your grand kids and great grand kids will have nothing but admiration and praise for you!!


WALL ART | Starting at $349
We specialize in getting your art on your walls.  Our a-la-carte pricing for framed, canvas, or metal wall art starts at $349 for an 8×10 ready-to-hang piece.
ALBUMS | Starting at $1199
A discreet way to have your images is to invest in an album. Completely assembled by hand, albums can last up to 200 years. Albums start with ten images on ten spreads.
IMAGE BOXES | Starting at $1499

Image Boxes combine the best of Wall Art and Albums – your matted images are presented in a custom box ready to be displayed or tucked inside and viewed only by that special someone.

BOUDOIR COLLECTIONS | Starting at $1799

Our Boudoir Collections include various printed products and digital products and are affordably priced.


“Before meeting with Lynn and Scott, I was fairly nervous about the process of posing in sexy lingerie for anyone other than my husband. I had only spoken to Lynn on the phone so when I got to the studio I was definitely surprised to find out that Scott – a man! – would actually be taking the photographs as Lynn helped coach and beautify me. Luckily, Scott has the heart of a big teddy bear so I got over the hurdle of a man photographing me fairly quickly. We discussed the types of photographs I wanted and they wrote down a list of items to bring and ways to prepare (i.e. practicing my “come-hither” faces in the mirror and deciding on the poses and outfits that worked best together).

When I came back to the studio for the actual shoot, they were both completely comfortable, respectful, and genuine about their desire to give me the best experience they could. I appreciated that they took their art and job seriously without losing a hint of personality: perfectly balanced between professional and fun-loving. Their attitudes helped calm the jitters and Lynn and I got to make small talk for a while as she did my hair and make-up (in a sense, this served as appropriate foreplay to help relax me before taking my clothes off in front of these people I’d just met). I very heavily stressed that neither I nor my husband liked heavy makeup so I requested that she go as light as possible on the makeover. She listened and gave me glowing, flawless skin (the foundation she used was incredible!) with slight accents to my features. Nothing else. It was perfect and I felt beautiful while still looking like myself .

Then it was time for the photos! They had me start with my most comfortable and least sexy outfits so I could get a sense of how the process would go while the majority of my clothes were still on… much appreciated. We eventually moved to more and more “scandalous” outfits and poses, but the whole thing felt like a natural progression and I was 100% comfortable the entire time. The pair of them remained professional and fun throughout the shoot and were extremely complimentary and kind, which is nice for an ego boost!

I went home feeling pampered, empowered, and ridiculous in the best possible way; I had a blast! When I came back later to select which photos and what layouts I wanted, they suggested bringing a friend… which I did. We were both blown away by the photographs – perfect blend of classy, sexy, and fun… exactly what I wanted. They listened to my input and requests (even when they personally disagreed) and I walked away with an amazing final product that my husband loved!!!

Bottom line: Lynn and Scott took great care of me from start to finish and I had an amazing experience with a final product better than I could have hoped for. The whole package can get expensive, which I was certainly nervous about, but it came with quality and was (for me) completely worth it!”

Mrs. S

“Not only did Scott and Lynn create the exact atmosphere and ambiance I wanted in their studio, but they brought it to life in their work. The photos they shot of me are, without a doubt, breathtaking. I had such an amazing time working along side with both Scott and Lynn. I highly suggest going to them for whatever your heart desires; whether it be something crazy or something sophisticated–they know how to capture it all! The pictures I wanted were pinup style, vintage Hollywood, and ‘Rosie the Riveter’ style. Their work is beautiful. Simply the best!!!!!”


“Scott is the most creative, intelligent, and masterful photographer I have ever worked with! His work is highly intuitive, artistic, and beautiful. This kind of high-end artistry is rarely found in a small community like San Luis Obispo County. I would fully expect to see this high-end work in New York, San Francisco, or LA. Mindseye is a studio of the purest art form… Scott can find the rare beauty in every face! I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else if I wanted true genius in photo form.”

Lynn and Scott are two wonderful people doing wonderful business! I was nervous to start taking photos at all let alone any in which I was scantily clad, but they both made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. Every shot showed what I love about myself and I’ve never felt so beautiful and confident! Highly recommend to any woman looking for a confidence boost!

New York City quality in our small town!!! Scott and Lynn are the bomb team! Scott has an amazing eye for the perfect shot, and both he and Lynn make the photos just perfect. My husband and I had a private shoot, and the photos were so beautifully and tastefully done. A bit of racey on the side made us feel like young adults again!

Just one look inside their studio, which is continually changing and evolving, and you will see what kinds of photos they are capable of doing.

These people are the real deal. Can’t say enough about them.


“Oh my God, what can I say? Lynn and Scott are so amazing! I had a lot of corsets and costumes to play with from sweet and sexy to hot and Domme. It was so much fun watching Lynn go through it all. I felt thoroughly pampered the entire time. Scott and Lynn are so much fun and put you at ease immediately. I love how he caught moments that we’re just horsing around and they ended up being some of my favorites. I enjoyed the creativity they brought to the shoot. They bought a bottle of delicious moscato and chocolate truffles. And we laughed a lot. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than what I got here. When I saw the pictures the first time, it took everything in me not to cry. Shouldn’t have bothered ’cause I cried anyways, lol. Thank you Vixen Den…for showing me what everyone else sees…for opening my eyes to what I am. All my love to you.

“OK ladies, this experience is a must and should be added to your list of things to do this year. This is the most incredible and unique gift you can give your man and yourself: A boudoir photo session with Lynn and Scott! It has long been a fantasy of mine to do a sexy photo shoot, and Lynn and Scott made me feel so special during my day with them, I actually felt like a beautiful model. No, that’s not exactly it, actually I felt more like a princess for the day!  With Lynn’s expert styling ability for my make-up and hair and Scott’s professional direction from behind the camera I felt absolutely comfortable- even in scantly clad sexy bedroom scenes!  I don’t think there is anybody else that could have made me feel so comfortable and coached me to feel fun and exciting while also feeling safe and well cared for. And when my hubby saw the pics, he loved them all, he kinda went a little crazy! This experience really helped me feel a renewed sense of youth and physical beauty. It became an opportunity to recharge my self esteem and my self confidence.  I am confident that you too can experience these benefits while, at the same time, create intimate photos for you and/or your partner.  Thank you, Scott and Lynn, for such an amazing memory!”
Mrs. J

I treated myself to boudoir pictures for my 50th birthday. Mindseye Studio was amazing! Everyone has some nervousness before a session. But they really made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I found Scott and Lynn to be professional, but also very friendly! I had a great time. I am really pleased, and I think every woman owes this to herself. Oh and yes, the pictures are fabulous!
Lisa C

“A year from now
you may wish you
had started today.”

Karen Lamb

Do Something Today Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Creating powerfully confident women in Southern Oregon and around the world!

Sessions start at $299

Images start at $99

Wall art starts at $349

Currently located in Southern Oregon but god forbid if we can get our Google listing to update to our currently location :/



 Your confidence boost starts the moment you make that call!

“To be beautiful means to
by yourself.
You don’t need to be
accepted by others.
You need to accept yourself.”

Thich Nhat Hanh